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Ever notice how some guys just always look put together? Who don’t seem to be trying too hard yet have something going on that other guys don’t? To be sure, some guys just have “it”. The others have a dirty little secret: They’ve probably hired us--or someone kind of like us, as their personal stylist.

Over the past ten years, as our business has grown, we’ve found more men want to work with a personal stylist.  In fact, we recently looked at the make up of our private clients for image consulting, and found that they were evenly split between men and woman.  And we’re not just talking about corporate C-level men or high net worth individuals. A lot of our men are working guy guys from all different businesses and lifestyles.  But what all of them realized at some point is that if they wanted to get to the next level, they needed to step up their style game.  Problem was, they really didn’t know how to on their own.

We help men figure it out. We help them find their true personal style, regardless of their size, business or lifestyle.  So often men just don't know where the right stuff is and just like a man they don't ask. (Sorry guys, it’s true.) It’s harder for men than women - women are always asking each other, “where did you get that that's so cute where can I find it, what brand is that?”  Men, they don't ask. And it’s not that guys don’t get it—they do, and they know when they see a guy who's done it right, but they don't know how they did it. Our job as personal stylists for men is bring them through that secret door to the right piece, the right cut, the right brand for them and image they're trying to project. One of our men clients said he was hooked when heard me say "Don't you just want to be that guy who when you walk in the room people notice you—they don’t know why you just look right, but you do?”

So if you’re still wondering if you should hire a personal stylist or wardrobe consult, here’s what a stylist can do for you:

1.   Rid your wardrobe of clothes that no longer fit or are relevant to your lives (that college tracksuit has to go, dude.)  Ditto for the shoes and the t-shirts and the hoodies and sweaters.  Taking away reveals not only the holes in your wardrobe, but the beginnings of your style.

2.   Take you shopping.  A great personal stylist for men knows not only what’s out there, but also what’s out there that will work for you.  Let’s say you’re a big guy, maybe even a little (or a lot) overweight.  Shopping has been a painful experience for you.  We have lots of experience and the resources to ease your pain while bringing out your personal style.

3.   Clear up the misconception between fashion and style. Having a great personal style isn’t about being fashionable. Style is much more internal and long lasting than buying what’s hot this season.  Especially for men in the corporate world, upping your style is a subtle thing. Better cut suits, cleaner lines on your suits, better cut shirts, quality accessories and shoes. 

4.   Speaking of shoes. It’s all starts with the shoes. Great clothes and bad shoes equals bad style.  No way around it.  Good shoes cost money, true, but they also last and look great longer than not good shoes.  Even your kicks should be quality.  Leather sneakers are more grown up and look dope.

5.   It will change your life.  People will look at you differently, at work and on the street.  People will make comments about your new personal style.  You will just smile, knowing your dirty little secret will be kept in the vault. All you have to say is, “Thanks”.

So men, a personal stylist might just be the thing that’s missing in your life.  Because really, what do you have to lose, except going unnoticed?