Dress Forward 

we believe in intelligent shopping.  So we begin by discussing the image you want to project and then shopping for the classics and basics to make sure your wardrobe has a solid, working foundation that communicates who you are, where you want to go and, well, that you mean business. Then we incorporate seasonal, on-trend pieces to keep you looking current on and off-the-clock.




If you prefer to bypass the closet session and move directly to shopping, we offer you a complimentary phone or Skype consultation to discuss who you are, your image intentions, and wardrobe needs.


After your closet session or shopping consultation, we’ll create a detailed shopping list to find the key pieces your wardrobe is missing for work or weekends, fun items to spice up your evenings and anything you might need for upcoming special occasions.  

  1. Pre-pull: The Pre-pull saves you time on our shopping day together. We will line the dressing room(s) with pre-selected options for you to try. The time of a pre-pull is generally 1-2 hours prior to our shopping session depending on the size of your shopping list.

  2. No Pre-pull: We will meet up and shop together. 

  3. Shop with a friend: The more the merrier! When you and a friend shop together, you will each *save on your hourly rate.

  4. Online shopping:   We can shop online for you in 15 min increments.  

*discount determined on case by case basis